To create a world where everyone has a job and one way or the other contributing to the world's economy.


To reduce the level of unemployment in the world's statistics thereby reducing crime rates and empowering people.

What we do

We have partnered with hundreds of industries in europe, canada, australia, the middle east (arabia) and top level countries in asia to provide them with employees.

Fast & Secured

We are a registered company here in the kingdom of bahrain with compliance with sharia which makes us %100 reliable and trusted.

30% of world population are unemployed

With the unemployment rate across the globe increasing drastically, statics shows that %45 others are underpayed. This is why Staff works is here to help you


What qualification do you need?

We provide jobs for High school certicate holders, Bachelors degree holders, Masters degree holders, Phd holders ETC


Serious individuals only

We wont tolerate any complaints of unseriousness from our partners after you have been employed

Trusted Individuals

Affidavit of good conduct

We require an affidavit of good conduct signed by you and a guarantor with address and phone number just to make sure you are always of good behaviour while working for our client.

Working experience

Where have you worked previously?

A summary of your work history is needed just to provide you with a prefered employer.


Top 3 testimonies from our clients.

Thanks for giving me a more lucrative job. Cant believe i could earn $2000 montly with my high school certificate. Jazzah Khair Allah Staff works CA

Usman Ibrameem Azeez From Jordan

Nice and efficient service. Homely team and got what i asked for. Now in canada, thank you HS

Blaraj Singh From India

With high rate of unemployment here in south africa you people have really saved my life. I earn enough money now and can happily see the use of my Msc certificate.

Elizbeth Gugulethu From south africa